I’m not procrastinating

From my previous post about wired differently, I’d love to share just four tips that I’ve learned from my efficient better-half.

Make a list. It puts things into perspective. It also helps enormously for us who are forgetful. Gone are the days when I was the one being asked to remind my elders. Now I’m lucky if I remember what I was supposed to get when I purposely mounted those stairs.

Do the list. Making it is not a problem but acting on it is another thing. Honestly, just do it and cross it off. You’ll feel a ton lighter, I know I do.

Get up early. If there’s one thing that speeds up efficiency it is getting served first. Everybody has their rhythm but being an early bird seems to work wonders for my better half. At weekends, he can run through his ‘To Do’ list by lunchtime and even manage some afternoon snooze. 

Do it now. This is where I fail miserably. I tend to leave things for later but in the meantime, I would be so restless knowing that I still have some jobs to do. I’ve watched my better half execute things in the ‘flashiest of flashes’ manner. As soon as a job appears, he gets it done straight away. 

I hope all is going well with your ‘To Do’ list and Christmas preparations. Until soon, Live Love Laugh – Just Do It. 


Marie x

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