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∼ Thou shalt love thy food

Living in France, one can not help but notice how food takes centre stage. While I fully appreciate and embrace this cultural ritual, I never imagined a story which unfolded following my brother’s visit from the US. 

A seasoned traveller, my brother had all the necessary documents ready for questioning upon arrival. If you’ve had the pleasure of going through immigration in the US, then you’d understand the agony that he had anticipated. Approaching the immigration desk, he psyched himself up for some grilling. He rightfully presented his wedding invitation package, including directions to the venue and even the dinner menu which happened to be intact. The officer and his colleagues were suddenly drawn into a little gathering, studying the menu and nodding their heads. At this point my brother was getting hot and bothered as he couldn’t deduce what the problem was. After what seemed to be a long deliberation, the officers smilingly returned his papers and said, ‘Enjoy the wedding, the food is going to be delicious!’ Flabbergasted, my brother made his escape out of the airport. That’s right, food is a big deal in France. The conversation can steer in all directions but always comes back to food, and quality food for that matter. A well cultured French ought to know and proudly express all the nitty-gritty details of food, from farm to table. 

To date, my brother still can’t believe that the immigration interrogation turned out to be about food admiration. In their defence though, one can live to eat in France. Our wedding guests still rave about the delicious meal, prepared from a selection of fine products from the Gers.

A food fan myself, I’ll take this opportunity to share my favourite places to eat, should you ever happen to be in the area. I’d advise making reservations to avoid disappointment. The French are super organised when it comes to dining out, so I wouldn’t leave it to chance.

La Promenade 

Delicious food, immaculately presented by caring and humble stuff. Easily a Michelin star if they wanted it to be. 

Le Genty Malgre 

French food in the city. A treat for meat lovers and a great place to dine with friends.

Au Pois Gourmand 

If you enjoy seafood, this is one to try. Great atmosphere by the Garrone, best enjoyed during summer as you can dine alfresco.

 La Compagnie Française 

Italian dining in the city with some tunes to serenade. A cosy spot for a girly Saturday lunch over Prosecco.

Restaurant L’aparte 

A real treat with modern deco. Try the chef’s menu and wine for a tantalising dining experience. 

Chez Emile 

Great for an afternoon lunch if shopping in Toulouse. Reserve a table upstairs for a view into the square.

Until soon, Live Love Laugh & Bon Appetite!

Marie x

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