Impromptu Chocolate Cheesecake

Before I tell you about the cheesecake, I have a little confession to make. First of all, I had never made a chocolate cheesecake before this particular impromptu attempt. Secondly, I absolutely can’t bring myself to waste food, which is probably the root cause of my little adventure in the kitchen today. Peeking into my fridge contents, I knew that the Philadelphia cheese and the cream had to be used promptly. I thought a cheesecake wouldn’t be such a bad idea but then again, a few days earlier I had made one – but of a fruity kind. And so I decided to make a chocolate one instead. As usual, I just mixed things and tasted until I was happy with the end result. I roughly used the ingredients jotted below. It is really simple to make and absolutely delicious. 


5 Oreo biscuits sandwiches with cream intact, 125g Philadelphia cheese, 50ml full cream, 20ml almond milk, 3 spoons of unsweetened dark chocolate powder, 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence and 2 spoons of sugar. 


Crush the biscuits. Mix the rest of the ingredients together by hand (folding) – add sieved chocolate powder after mixing the cream, sugar and the cream. The mixture should be soft enough to scoop. Layer the biscuit base then scoop in the yummy creamy mixture. I made four portions which I prepared in the little recycled dessert pots as you can see. Refrigerate for 4-6 hours before serving.

Serving suggestions

The dessert goes well with some berries.  The sweetness and acidity complement the dark chocolate perfectly.  I’m personally quite happy that I dared to make something at the drop of a hat and it turned out so well. This was just a home meal for two, so feel free to increase quantities.

Until soon, Live Love Laugh & dare to try in the kitchen x

Marie x

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