Lac de la Ramée

† So long autumn, so long little puppy  

As we say goodbye to the season, we also say so-long to Mylo’s puppy days. The time has gone so incredibly fast but nevertheless, it has been such an incredible experience. We couldn’t be more grateful for his company. His passion for life is absolutlely infectious, he’s given us so much more than we had bargained for. Just older than 6 months now, he is no longer considered a puppy. He recovered well from his sterilisation op last week. The only challenge was wearing the cone of course. Other than that, he took everything in his stride.

Lac de la ramée is one of his favourite walks. He gets to run around freely and play with loads of other dogs. The walk around the lake is around 6 km so it’s good exercise for us too. Here are some recent photos I took with my phone, nothing special. And if you’ve got any doggy queries, feel free to exchange with me. I’d be more than happy to share any tips that I have. Mylo is pretty much trained to do everything that we need him to do. He might start agility classes soon as he seems very keen on high jumps.

Until soon, Live Love Laugh – Grow x

More pics of baby Mylo to teenage Mylo …




Marie x

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