Just wired differently

∝ A typical day in pursuit to emulate my better half ∝

We are just wired differently, that’s the conclusion that I came up with after witnessing my outright failure in comparison to German efficiency. As it were, I come from a culture where we pride ourselves with a phrase, ‘There’s no hurry in Africa’. So much so, to the point that when we sent out our wedding invitations to my family, two weeks before the wedding we were still not sure whether to set the table with their name tags or not. As for my in-laws, their replies were back within days. 

This time around, we were to host four friends for dinner – and I ought to probably declare that a French dinner involves six courses, so tasks had to be divided between us in order to make the load easier (and efficient I shouldn’t forget). I were to take care of the main food shopping and he was, as always in charge of drinks and meat. Come Saturday morning, we were duly up at 7am, quite acceptable for a family with a small dog I think.  Before 8am, we had already finished our breakfast, which he proudly prepares every weekend. Showered and immaculately dressed, he shot out of the house shortly after 8am. Whilst toying with the idea that I should hit the supermarket before the big rush, I couldn’t help doing little things like tidying up and redoing my dinner menu (for the 8th time).

Shortly after 9:30am, I heard the sound of keys turning in the door. If you are wondering why I recall all the times, well that’s because today was supposed to be the day. I was supposed to overturn my last-minute syndrome to punctuality. As he was unpacking the shopping, I stopped to admire the French packaging of a cheese platter and add my envious remarks.

“You were rather quick, especially as you went to three different artisans”. I said.

“Actually, I would have been back quicker if I hadn’t waited for ages for the cheese man to open”.

“Well, I still haven’t left the house”. I muttered. “Oh yes, I knew you’d still be home my love”. He said this without any ammunition or agenda. That’s just me. I could easily leave an hour later than scheduled, thanks to all the last minute jobs that I give myself. Needless to say, it’s always him to the rescue before the big arrival. Shining the wine glasses, setting the table and lighting the candles. I keep telling myself that I’ll improve my timings but I wonder just when it will materialise. We are  wired so differently but the connections spark so perfectly in the end. I wonder how it’s like in your household? 

Until soon, Live Love Laugh & get a move on!

Marie x

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  1. I can relate to this. My husband is always on the go and wants everything gets done so fast that sometimes I find annoying but we’ve been married now for eight years and we get a long so well despite a few differences we have. What I’ve learned about our marriages is acceptance each other’s differences and everything will be just fine!

    I hope you’re having a great week, Marie!

    1. Hello Gladys, you somehow released a tight knot in me, it’s not just me then! He is super fast, I feel like a tortoise sometimes 😉 I totally agree that acceptance is a beautiful harmony in relationships. I appreciate your honest comments Gladys.
      I am well and had a nice long break from blogs. Can’t wait to catch up with yours. Have a great weekend. All the best. Marie