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Growing and Learning with my four-legged best friend 

Another birthday knocks on my door and I can’t help but wonder about growing and learning. I guess the best lessons to reflect upon are the recent revelations about myself and my canine best friend Mylo. We couldn’t have asked for a better companion. He’s managed to circumvent all challenges around him, from leaving his fellow litter, to moving in with his new human friends. Aged 5 months now, he’s learned to do many tasks asked of him. He would come back running when called, sit, lie down, stand, give a paw and stay until released. The cutest of all is his patience in waiting for a ‘bon appetite’ before he dares touch his bowl. His love, patience and determination (not forgetting help from ‘treats’) make things seem like a breeze. The brown eyed boy is not such an angel though. He’s made his fare share of mistakes and according to Einstein, he’s learned a lot of new stuff. If you asked me, he has graduated with flying colours!

∼ A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new∼

Having Mylo has allowed me to learn a thing or two about myself too. I know that I will go to all lengths to protect my pooch but what I didn’t realise is what a mother hen I can be. Not good at all. And as far as feedback is concerned, I find it pretty difficult to accept positive remarks. If I’m told that I did well in training my dog, I would quickly find an excuse to brush it off. And if the criticism is negative then heavens forbid, it would nag me for sometime. Of course letting go is also part of nurturing so I ought to keep my protective wings well clipped and let this little pooch trot away freely. I need to find a way to accept both positive and negative remarks as new learning. All in all, I’m forever grateful for the love around me everyday. Looking forward to another year and new adventures with my boys.

We had a lovely walk here last weekend and the weather was glorious again. Mylo made many friends as usual. A place to be for sure. Thanks for visiting and happy weekend to you all. I shall take a little pause from posting here. Until soon. Live Love Laugh – Learn & Grow x

Marie x

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  1. Our daughters want pets for Christmas. One wants a puppy and the other one a kitty. My husband and I are in talk about it and we’ll see if we agree or not.
    Great photos of the nature and your friend!

    1. Oh dear, a tough one! I know I was the same as a kid too. Hope you two come to a decision. As a dog owner I can only say that it’s demanding in terms of time and flexibility so as long as you can manage that then everything is hunky-dory 🙂

  2. My dear Marie! It’s been a while since I come here, to this litlle piece of paradise ( as I call your blog). This post is so beautiful, love how you show your feelings about your litlle boy, so inspiringin so many ways! As usual, you made me think ( again and again) about important things and I trully belive that love is love no matter if we’re talking about a human or a cutie like Mylo.
    thanks for sharing my dear, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts.