Minimalism – How far can you go?

∼ less is more ∼

The concept of minimalism keeps popping up more and more in our daily runs. I personally think of minimalism as having less but functional material belongings. So far I’ve managed to integrate the concept in a handful of daily objects such as clothing and home furnishings. Until recently, this was the end of the road for my minimalism perceptions.

A couple of weeks back I watched an interview where other folks took this concept to another level. A chap being interviewed had successfully implemented it in every aspect of his life – from clothing, time invested in activities to the amount of photographs he took. Ok, photographs? That’s a new ball game to me! He went on to explain that his holiday is very valuable and he would rather enjoy the moment than wasting time taking hundreds of photos. He would only take a couple of photos for the entire holiday. I salute this entirely and maybe I should take a leaf out of his book. I am known to take multiple shots of the same thing, just in case there is something wrong with the first photo. 

A self confessed hoarder, I know that letting go of stuff can be difficult. We feel attached to the objects which have once served us in one way or another. The smell, the feel, the look – all provoke some emotions in us. Who didn’t feel bad about losing that favourite smelly teddy bear or blanket? Admittedly, minimalism serves me just well in my advanced age. My space is my sanctuary.  I prefer it fresh, clean and minimal. It was difficult at first to let go of things which no longer served me but knowing that the items had more use elsewhere made it easier for me to let go. 

Has minimalism also touched the corners of your world? How far are you prepared to take it? I am still working my way but so far so good. Just not sure if I could part with my book and CD collection. If you are on the wagon, I wish you the best of luck.

Have a great weekend. Live Love Laugh – Declutter x


Marie x

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  1. You have a very nice place, Marie! I started practicing minimalism by getting rid of clothes even though it’s hard because I’m very sentimental person when it comes to items I got for almost nothing. But the feeling of knowing I don’t have enough clothes or items that only take space is freeing, both mentally and emotionally. One thing I’m also having a hard time is our daughters’ drawings and artwork. I know they make good ones and it’s hard for me to get rid of some of them, but I have to let some of them go.

    1. Hi Gladys, thank you very much. Oh yes I can understand your difficulty in letting go of their art work. I think I’ll be the same – but as long as you have a system in storing perhaps that will still help to stay well organised. Good luck in your projects and have a nice weekend. Marie