Parc Public d’Odyssud

Sunny Sunday …

Lately the weather has been anything but usual for this time of the year. Sitting here, nursing a cup of tea with the rays of sunshine kissing my toes, it feels like such a treat. Yesterday was no different neither, with the added bonus of it being a Sunday. As a little girl, I used to live for Sundays. I loved our Sunday outings and more so, I enjoyed having both my parents around especially my father whom we hardly saw during the week. Our Sunday ritual started off with mass, followed by a visit to the ice-cream parlour (dependent on our behaviour in church). Then my parents would take us to a sports club where we would play relentlessly until the cows came home. Sometimes we spent our Sundays visiting relatives or frequenting our favourite beach restaurant. Such were the days. Carefree, no stress in the world.

Myself and my husband have recently reignited the Sunday outings ritual. Stepping away from the familiar surroundings of a home  has been great in helping us disconnect and relax.  I’m a firm believer of hard work but it’s also important to switch off and recharge the batteries. Weekends should be just for that. Mylo may have instigated this change and it feels damn good. I honestly believe that without him, I would have been tempted to go to the gym, followed by a lazy afternoon in front of the TV or my laptop. But with Mylo being around, we feel almost obliged to take him outdoors. So it’s a win-win situation. I hope this inspires you to take time to disconnect. Enjoy the little things. 

Sunday is for detox. Walk this way for some green fun

I only discovered this park last Saturday. It’s funny how something can be there for years but you never notice it as it’s not part of your routine. The park is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. It is so pleasant. You can jog, walk around or just enjoy a book and a picnic by the lake. 

And finally a home-made meal to end a Sunday perfectly. I made a speciality from Bavaria, Schweinebraten und Knödel. This happens to be my hubby’s favourite meal. My mother in-law has kindly let me in on all the secrets of this dish. It gets better and better each time but nothing beats the one from home. 

How do you ‘switch off’ on your days off? I’d be glad to have more tips to add to our fun-time list. Thanks for dropping by.

Live Love Laugh.

Marie x

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