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I used to dread turning forty but here I am, fit as a fiddle. I feel comfortable and more appreciative of myself after letting go of my insecurities. For me, keeping fit is about achieving that balance between a healthy mind and a healthy body. This is how I’ve found my own way to a healthy and happy me through these realistic and simple workouts. 

Walks. Since having our dog, I’ve been walking him at least five times a week. Walking is a great exercise which does not cost a penny. It’s more gentle than jogging and yet a great cardio workout. I feel so refreshed and with a clear mind after my morning walk. What a way to start a day!

Yoga. I’ve only been doing yoga for a year but I am already hooked. When holding that pause, I feel completely in-line with my inner self. It relaxes my mind and at the same time stretches and strengthens my core muscles. I practise yoga once a week with other yogis.

Running. I used to run a lot until I injured my knee. I still run today however not as often as I’d like to. With an injured meniscus, I can only go comfortably for 20-30 minutes, anything above that causes pain so I have to stop.

Home workouts. I also do some simple home workouts regularly such as squats, lunges and abdominal crunches. I once had a trainer who preached that technique is key. There are tons of videos out there if ever in doubt.

Laugh. A good laugh is food for the soul, my wise mother once told me.  Life is too short to worry about silly stuff. Have a laugh! 

Best Tip I ever got.. 

It’s better to go slowly and master the technique than doing loads of reps using bad technique. I’ve also learnt the hard way that wearing incorrect training shoes will cause more harm than good. Better safe than sorry.

I’m certainly no angel and I’ve got my lazy moments. But the trick is to pick yourself up and get going again. If you’re not yet in the forties club, I can only promise you that it’s not so bad. Forties are so much fun, so liberating! Thanks for reading my humble tips and I’ll stay tuned for yours. Live Love Laugh.

Marie x

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  1. My dearest Marie! Love your tips: some of them are mine too! I was so afraid of being 40 and now i love it so much! I think it’s because of all the peace i gained for not being so worried about what others think about me or what I do.
    I love to run and to swim. I need to do home workouts to fit my abs to keep them in shape but I have to admit that i hate them!!!
    I do long walks with my 3 boys and it feels so good both to my body as to my soul.
    Thanks for sharing your tips, as usual i love them.

  2. That’s exactly my point my dear Isabel, it feels so liberating. I wish I could tell the ones worrying today that it’s not worth it.
    I envy you that you love swimming. I know how good it is for our body and mind but it’s just not my number one love. I swim ok but I keep telling myself to take professional lessons, maybe improved technique will jolt my motivation. But as long as we all keep doing a physical activity which is doable and realistic. I’m not one for the 30 day challenge programs, I need it to be part of my daily life, and that way I know that I’ll do it. Thanks for sharing Isabel and thanks for taking time to stop by my blog again and again. Bon weekend. Bisous xoxo