Misty Morning

I suppose that everybody has their favourite season, mine is Autumn. I love the telltale signs of change in the air. I like waking up to that first day of lingering fog, misty grass, frosted windows, crispiness in the air and of course, nothing beats the vibrant display of colours in Autumn. Visuals and feelings aside, I love Autumn simply for its symbolism. I am attuned to the idea that ‘life as it once were will eventually come to an end’.

Life is merely a short journey

I was out walking my dog in the woods this morning when I captured this still misty morning. It was a funny and pleasing sensation at the same time. Seeing the signs of nature waking up from a cold night,  hearing birds singing, the sun emerging and the fog lifting off – so wonderful and peaceful. As for Mylo, the puppy, the experience didn’t seem to phase him. He seemed to be deep in concentration, listening to every sound, observing, smelling and taking it all in.

I only captured these images by my phone so the quality is not the best but I just love the natural look in them. Have you also a favourite season? Enjoy the misty morning  x

Marie x

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  1. First things first : Mylo is adorable!!! Such a cutie, all happy in his morning walk!
    Then, the photos are so beautiful : love the natural glow they have, so simple but so well captured!!! I almost can feel the fog and listen the morning peaceful sounds!
    I love the Summer, I think I’m a summer girl just because I can swim in the ocean. It’s not just because of the beach itself ( i can go to the beach all year long…)but i can´t feel the freedom that sea gives me in any other place in the world.
    But I have something about the Autumn too and i can feel so related to what you said about your favorite season.
    Thank you for these beautiful photos!


    1. Thank you again dear Isabel. Mylo really is a joy to us. He’s keeping us on our toes and we are learning and living his ways, which is great! He brings us close to nature, eases our worries and pumps our hearts with love.
      Ah, of course you are a water baby. Fantastic! The ocean makes me feel like a small creature on Earth. I am glad for you that you are so close to this mother nature wonder and that you can step there easily to unwind. Thanks for your kind words. Bon weekend. Love Marie xx