How a dog can change your life

Live Love Laugh or Bark


A dog can totally turn your life around. The funny thing is, even though you may have had some assumptions, they just never measure up until the four-legged friend arrives at home to live with you. 

We decided on a poodle as we found out that this breed best compliments our lifestyle. Poodles would happily cuddle up and watch tv or equally run around the park, they are also very clever so this makes them easy to train. In addition, they do not shed off any hair. You can cuddle all you want but you won’t find a single strand of hair on you. They make really good pets for folks with allergies.

Mylo (aged 2 months) exploring on his first day at home with us

If you’ve ever owned a dog then you must be aware of how much work it involves. They need training, feeding, washing, supervision and most of all, company. My hubby always says that a dog is like a baby who will never grow up and leave the house, so get ready to care for the rest of its life. However, they give us so much in return. 

Learn to play again

No matter what kind of a day you’ve had, as soon as you walk home everything changes. We find ourselves playing and laughing again like little children. What a way to release endorphins, live love laugh!

Go for a walk

A dog forces you to leave the indoors and venture out into the nature. I can’t explain the feel-good factor this brings everyday. Daily walks are proven to have beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing such as improving circulation, weight control, improving our mood and many more.

Self awareness

The dog can teach you so much about yourself. I have definetely learned a lot about myself since having the dog. I know how much I can tolerate, how I react in a stressful or dangerous environment etc. If anything, I’ve also learnt how to be patient. Knowing ourselves can help us interact better with others.

Improve communication

You will definitely improve communication skills if you own a dog. If you are a shy person, you’ll soon find out that when you are out with the dog, you might need to stop and chat to other dog owners. I have had many wonderful encounters with other dog owners. So thanks to the dog, I am also improving my communication and social skills.

Reduce stress

As mentioned before, as soon as you walk in the door, all the troubles of the day stay behind you. Things that matter consist of walks, play and negotiating best strategies to keep the dog off the shoes. To be honest, ours has been quite good so far. He is allowed to play with our outside sleepers and he is quite content with that. 

Feel loved

Isn’t it lovely to be loved? The tail wagging each time he sees you is priceless. It is true what they say, they really do love unconditionally. We are looking forward to many blessed moments with our Mylo.

Have you also a pet? I’m curious to know how the pet has changed your life. Until soon, live love laugh, or bark 😉 

Marie x

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