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I’m the founder of “Tune in2 English” my private company where I consult in all matters concerning business English. I enjoy teaching as it gives me so much pleasure to help people achieve their goals. In addition, I understand the difficulties of learning a foreign language. When I moved to France, I did not speak a single word of French. I struggled but I did not give up. I devised my own way of learning and within a year, I reached an advanced level. I also speak German as I am married to a German national. My dream would be to speak fluently so I am still working on it.

Professional registration

I am registered as an independent teacher, which allows me to work, invoice my clients and pay taxes. My registration number is SIRET 80886111600024. 

How can I help?

Perhaps you have written an important document and you are not sure about grammar, word order in English or simply worried about some simple mistakes? I have helped many clients correct their official documents including:

  • CVs

  • Letters of Motivation

  • Professional websites such as LinkedIn

  • Blog content and Blog posts

Thank you very much for visiting my site and for sharing the information with people in need.

Marie x

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