La rentrée

I’m back online again and I’m asking myself, where did the summer go? It surely goes very fast. A lot has happened since my last post back in June so let’s catch up.

First of all, you may have noticed that my blog content has disappeared. Well, it’s all thanks to hackers. They’ve had their fun and consequently destroyed hours of work that I invested. However, I’ve chosen to rise above it so here I am, writing again. Writing is something that really relaxes me. I love the connection with you my kind readers and I also appreciate the balance it restores in me. When I write, I also get to relieve my memories and cherish them all over again.

Myself and my hubby have done a bit of travelling as you’ll see on one of the posts. I really appreciate our time alone during the holiday so my apologies for the absence here but sometimes it’s necessary to focus on the now. I hope that the summer break has also allowed you and your loved ones to share some precious moments together.

The big news however is that of our new addition into the family. We’ve got a little puppy called Mylo, whom we adore to pieces. If you’ve ever owned a dog then you might agree with me  that they are such a joy. They give us so much love and ask for little in return. Of course they need a lot of attention so that keeps us very busy. A life changer for sure.

If not, life has gone back to normal this week after a long summer break in France. It’s not uncommon to have a complete service shut down during summer. I think many of us are glad to have normal life again.

What’s new with you? Hope you’ve had a great summer and see you online soon. 



Marie x

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  1. As I already told you, I’m so glad you’re back. I admire your courage to start all over again but i’m sure i would do it the same way 🙂 i can totally understand what do you mean by saying that writting is relaxing, I feel exactly the same way. About what you lost ( the posts and all the love you put in them) don’t worry because your words and good vibes are within your readers.
    Keep doing your magic, we need it!

    1. Hello dear Isabel, thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate it. I was so disappointed to find that my site was ruined. I am really happy that I am back and reconnected with all of you kind inspiring souls out there. Thanks again for your kind words in all the posts. Much love. Bisous Marie x