A week in Tenerife

This island might strike a cord with young party goers but there is much more to it than meets the eye. As one of the canaries volcanic islands, its nature is quite vast and rich. Even though we had intended on a relaxing holiday by the pool, we still embarked on quite a few activities. We made sure to get a good view of Mount Tiede, the highest peak in Spain. The landscape is absolutely amazing as you can see from these un-edited pics below. 

Tenerife has a fare share of tourist attractions but we just visited the natural museum, which harbours quite a bit of the island’s history and its formation. Of course visiting the local markets when abroad goes without saying for me. One of the best meals we had on the island was actually in the market, which was a simple plate of black rice and fish, cooked by the chef in front of you.

It was also on this island where I had my first encounter with a black beach. Where I come from, the beach is immaculately dressed with fine white sands and sea shells. Hasta luego! x

Beautiful mother nature

Life is a Beach

Breakfast with a view

The market and  my favourite holiday past time, a seniors’ meeting 

Black rocky beach

Marie x

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  1. Beautiful photos again and again! I think you’re becaming a professional, really! I never been in Tenerife, only in Palma de Maiorca and Ibiza ( when we were only two and I wasn’t so scared of flying…) but i can see how different this island is.
    Thanks for sharing, once again you made me dream about new places ( so, so good!)

  2. That gives me so much pleasure if this has inspired you! Thank you again for your kind words Isabel. Haven’t been to Maiorca but I’ve been to Ibiza, so beautiful.
    By the way, have you tried hypnosis for your fear of flying? I’ve met a few people with phobias who have done well with hypnosis.. Have a lovely Sunday with the family. Bisous x