No Bake Berries Cheesecake

It’ll leave you begging for more..

I’ve loved cheesecake from the moment I tasted one in an Italian restaurant where I worked as a student many moons ago. This particular cheesecake was inspired by an Italian chef whilst on holiday in a little town in Tuscany, Montaione. When I like a dish in a restaurant, I try to guess the ingredients so that I can recreate the dish at home. I promise you it is so easy to make, you’ll keep making it as I’ve been doing. I personally can’t get enough of the rich velvety texture, the combination of citrussy berries and dark chocolate biscuit base. Simply sinful and delicious.

I usually don’t weigh things when I cook. I just taste and know what to add etc. However this time I made a point to measure as I had promised to give you my recipe. Please feel free to alter according to your taste. I personally don’t like a lot of sugar in the creamy mixture, and in addition I think the fruits provide sufficient amount. If you choose to add more sugar, just make sure that you use less cream as the more sugar you use the more runny the cheese mixture, you don’t want that.


Base – Oreo biscuits 56 grams

Creamy mixture – Philadelphia cheese 300g

Fine sugar – 40g

Vanilla essence – 2 teaspoons

Full cream – 20ml


It took me longer to take the photos than it did to make the desserts. It is that simple!

1. Base 

Crush Oreo biscuits (cream included). Option, you can use other types of biscuits, e.g.. Speculoos.

2. Creamy mixture 

Put Philadelphia cheese into a mixing bowl and add sugar. Using a spatula, mix well by hand (folding) until the sugar is fully dissolved. Add cream and vanilla. Mix again. The consistency should be soft enough but not runny.

3. Into serving cups

Layer the bottom of your serving cups with the biscuits. Use a spoon to even out and flatten the base. Using a spatula or spoon, scoop the cheese mixture on top. Use a wet spoon to smooth out the top surface.

Leave in the fridge to set. (I’ usually leave for at least 5-7 hours, depending on when I need to serve. I don’t think this step is crucial as everything is ready to eat)

Decorate with the fruit topping just before serving. This allows the dessert to taste as fresh as possible.

Serves 2-4, depending on your serving method. 

Serving suggestions

I like to use fresh herbs, such as mint and a little bit of finely crushed biscuits on top just add more crunch. If you are using Speculoos biscuit base, you can sprinkle a bit of ground coffee granules just before adding the cheese mixture. It just gives the dessert a nice flavour contrast. Leaves your guests wondering, how did you make it?

For those who are worried about calories, option is to eat less. I usually use little dessert cups as you can see below. I personally eat one of these whereas my hubby can devour a big serving and sometimes asks for more..


Bon appetite and If you do make it, please let me know how you got on. I hope you enjoy it. Until soon. Live love laugh x



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